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Health Systems in Asia 2013 is an interdisciplinary, social science conference, focusing on health systems adopted, or being considered for adoption, in Asian countries and their associated unique implications due to rapid economic, social, demographic and epidemiologic changes in the region.  The conference is the 2nd to be held in association with Social Science & Medicine, the world’s most cited social science journal, building on the success of the 2011 event. A Special Issue of selected papers presented at this conference will be published in Social Science & Medicine after the event.

In response to rapid economic and social change, the health systems of many Asian countries are experiencing major challenges. This has fostered a great deal of experimentation by governments and other health sector stakeholders. However, published research on these natural experiments has lagged behind.

The aim of the series of conferences on Health Systems in Asia is to provide a platform for researchers in a number of disciplines to present findings of research on the rapidly changing health systems of Asia, and for policy makers to engage with researchers.

The emphasis on multi-disciplinary and on a combination of policy research and basic social science makes this conference distinctive. We recognise the importance of research to support health policy processes, we also emphasize research excellence, so that we can generate lessons from this period of rapid change and innovation in health systems in Asia.

We hope you will be able to join us at Health Systems in Asia: Equity, Governance and Social Impact from 13 - 16 December, 2013 at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.


Vivian Lin,
La Trobe University, Australia

Gerry Bloom,
of Sussex, UK


Tokyo, Japan at night.

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